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SFI for Loggers

The Washington SIC provides financial support for the Washington Contract Loggers Association (WCLA) Master Logger Program (MLP) and also participates in the training program to promote and foster an understanding of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and to promote sustainable forestry practices on all forestlands in the state. The program is a voluntary education program that accredits individuals and the company they represent. The MLP training satisfies the logger education suggested in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standards.

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Current Master Loggers

If you’re already a participant in the WCLA Master Logger Program, log on to the WCLA website to check continuing education opportunities, search the database of current Master Loggers, or download forms and information.

Wood Logs

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Logging business owners, crew supervisors, industry procurement foresters and land managers, consulting foresters, and timber buyers all will benefit from participation in the Master Logger Program.


The course curriculum includes thirty-two hours (4 days) of training in the following areas:

  • Forest silviculture and ecology (8 hours)

  • Logging safety and worker’s compensation loss control (8 hours)

  • Washington Forest Practices Act rules and regulations (8 hours)

  • Logging business management (8 hours)


In addition, each participant must also have a valid first aid card that includes CPR training. First aid training is not offered as part of the curriculum. The participant is not required to have a valid first aid card to register for the program.

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