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Whether you’re a landowner, consumer, logger or other natural resources professional, many resources about SFI®, forestry and forest products are available online. Below are descriptions and links for web sites you may find helpful as well as a few brochures for downloading.

The SFI Certified Paper Products database is your gateway to forest products and suppliers that will help simplify your purchasing decisions, demonstrate your corporate social responsibility, and meet the needs of your organization and its customers.

Retailers, printers, publishers, distributors and merchants are turning to SFI-certified papers and packaging materials to meet the growing demand for responsibly sourced forest products. SFI “percent content” and certified sourcing labels make sustainable forestry less anonymous. They provide a visual cue telling you and your customers the fiber used to produce paper and packaging products – from envelopes to juice boxes to magazines – is from a legal and responsible source.

Environmentally responsible buildings are becoming increasingly mainstream. Green building is attracting consumer demand and being embraced by planners, designers, architects, builders and customers.

The choice of building materials has a huge impact on the environment. And wood’s inherent properties – as a sustainable, natural, and renewable resource – make it an excellent environmental choice for any new construction or renovation, as long as it comes from a responsible source. As the largest single forest certification standard in the world, the SFI program is well positioned to meet the growing demand for certified products.

Information about certification and recognition for family forest owners plus education and technical assistance.

NatureServe and its network of natural heritage programs are the leading source for information about rare and endangered species and threatened ecosystems.

A searchable list of members who have completed the Master Logger Program (MLP), a voluntary education program that accredits individuals and the company they represent. The MLP program is targeted to reach logging business owners, foremen and supervisors.

The Priority Habitats and Species (PHS) Program provides comprehensive information on important fish, wildlife, and habitat resources in Washington.

Here’s where to find help if you’re interested in harvesting timber, building or repairing forest roads or culverts, thinning your forest, or want to know about other forest practices.

The Natural Heritage Program manages site-specific and species/ecosystem-specific information on priority species and ecosystems -- those that are rare or have very limited distribution.

The global site for SFI information, including program overview, SFI Standards and Certifications, SFI Certified Forests and Products.

Brochures & More Information

Forest Grass

Species Factsheets

Washington State Species and Communities of Special Concern: Information for Family Forest Landowners.

Closeup of freshly cut logs

Landowners' Guide to Sustainable Forestry Practices in Washington

A guide to assist landowners in finding the resources needed to manage their lands sustainably.

Logger cutting wood with chainsaw

WCLA Master Logger Program

The Master Logger Program (MLP) is a voluntary education program that accredits individuals and the companies they represent. The WASIC is a supporter of the WCLA Master Logger Program, and SFI Program Participants give preference to MLPs. Most large timberland owners are SFI Program Participants.

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