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WASIC Audit Resources

This page lists resources for audits that are common to all SFI certified organizations. Please email me if you have any other materials you want posted here.


Email chain about DNR FP Reporting

DNR Compliance Reporting

There is no set time for posting the reports.  My team updates every time
something in the reports changes and posts the new version. 
The reality is content in these postings changes pretty infrequently so the
current version may stay online for quite some time before a new one is posted.



~ Teresa Ann



WA Department of Natural Resources

Forest Regulation Division

Region-Operations Outreach Manager

May 2023 update: There's a new
DNR Certification Report linked below.

Office:  (360) 902-1635

Mobile:  (360) 999-7142

Monthly DNR
Forest Practices
Enforcement report

Or download from Secure Access Washington

DNR Forest Practices list of Civil penalties

Or access on DNR website

DNR Forest Practices Notices of intent to disapprove

Or download from DNR Website

Indicators common to WASIC

Rick created a matrix showing the differences in training and education from the old standard to the new.

The full text can be viewed below.

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